The USB library for .NET

#usblib (SharpUSBLib) is a wrapper around the libusb project (WIN32), thus you must have it installed prior to using #usblib. Mike started this project because he wanted to program a power switch (GEMBIRD SIS-PM) with a USB port and didn't find any .NET USB library. One goal is to provide a platform independent (Linux/Win32 solution) USB access layer for .NET.


The library is dual-licensed: GPL or LGPL. The latter allows you to use the library in closed-source applications (when you link against the library, including the source code is still not allowed - it has to be in a separate assembly).


Downloads are hosted on together with our #develop and #ziplib projects: Get the latest version (source, binary, samples, documentation)


#usblib has been developed by Mike Krueger.

Change Log

The changes are documented in the release history that can be found in our project wiki.


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