What Happened in the Past

12/12/2005 - #develop 1.1 Release Candidate
Version 1.1 has now reached Release Candidate status. The main changes happened again in SharpReport (#report), which has undergone a major refactoring. If you are interested in playing with #report, we highly recommend that you also download the source version of #develop, because it contains a Samples\SharpReport directory with hands-on labs and instructions on how to host reports in your applications.

For a #report demo, please see the team blog entry Demo: #report

9/25/2005 - #develop 1.1 September Beta Refresh
This release is focused on SharpReport – it ships with a separated-out core library, which allows you to use #report reports in your own applications. To see how that works, you need to download the source distribution, it contains an annotated sample in the \Samples\SharpReport directory.

8/7/2005 - #develop 1.1 August Beta Refresh
This release does not come with any major new features, this release mostly focuses on stability and we do hope that we finally nailed down the "Can't shutdown" bug in #develop. If you still experience this problem, please visit this thread in our forum.

5/19/2005 - #develop 1.1 May Beta Refresh
This refresh of the Beta contains many bug fixes, such as the StackOverflowException that occured when showing a hidden pad. HTML Help 2.0 integration has also progressed, however, we are still in the process of hunting down the "Cannot exit #develop" hang bug that is caused (most likely) by a COM InterOp issue (help greatly appreciated).

4/28/2005 - #develop 1.1 Beta
After the Preview Release, this is now the official Beta of version 1.1. New to version 1.1 (compared to 1.0) are the following addins: NAnt integration, Help 2.0, XML editing, PInvoke and #report (see the feature videos). Improved are the support for WiX, VB.NET code completion and the text editor - InitializeComponent is marked read-only by default. In addition, Web References are now supported by the project system. Of course, lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements have been incorporated. Even though it is labeled Beta, we do encourage you to use it for daily work as in general we consider it more stable than the latest 1.0 series release. Note that side by side installation of 1.0 and 1.1 using the setup program is not supported.

1/13/2005 - #develop 1.0.3a
Stopgap release for one very nasty bug (ObjectDisposedException on minimizing / restoring #develop main window).

12/21/2004 - #develop 1.0.3
This release sports lots of bug fixes, so we do encourage you to install this latest version. Aside from bug fixes, you can expect performance improvements for code completion, as well as updated tools (NDoc).

11/30/2004 - #develop 1.0.2a
This is a stopgap release before v1.0.3. We found a critical bug that could result in lost work, and we decided to release a interim version immediately. In addition to the crucical fix you also get fixes that are already done but were earmarked for the next planned release. For details please see the change log.

11/10/2004 - #develop 1.0.2
This is another bug fix / maintenance release for the #develop 1.0 branch. Improvements were made to various areas, such as the VS.NET project importer, Forms Designer, code conversion and code completion – especially notable is that now MC++ assemblies are supported too, which means you get full code completion for DirectX!

10/07/2004 - #develop 1.0.1 released
This is the planned maintenance release for 1.0 that was released about a month ago. It sports many small (though important) improvements to code completion, the user interface as well as external tools. Setup has been improved for GAC registration of shared assemblies, and the available languages inside #develop have increased to twenty. If you want to stay up to date with what's going on, we cordially invite you to read our team blog.

9/11/2004 - #develop 1.0 released
Post-RC3 we have spent time almost exclusively on bugfixing, improving feature experience and enabling long-awaited ones: Ctrl+Space for VB.NET as well as project-level import for VS.NET being the two "most wanted". Now we are confident that #develop is a great development environment for both C# and VB.NET, and that its feature set is on par or even exceeding what a developer expects. Thank you for helping make #develop a more functional and stable product!

8/23/2004 - #develop Fidalgo RC3
After a summer break, we are back and bring you Release Candidate 3. It contains numerous bug fixes across the board for example in the areas of VB.NET code completion or C# to VB.NET conversion (and vice versa). Newly added is a convenience feature: choose the configuration (Debug vs Release) in the toolbar. Also, lots of updates have happened to the translations thanks to translators!

6/27/2004 - #develop Fidalgo RC2
In SharpDevelop Fidalgo RC1, we introduced regressions via some of the memory and performance optimizations that we hope to have fixed in RC2, escpecially in the area of code completion. An additional area of improvements is the setup, which is now much smaller, registers file types and GAC assemblies for NUnit. Thanks to your plenty bug reports, we were able to fix a lot of small as well as showstopper bugs. Thus expect improvements in the VB.NET to C# (and vice versa) conversion, Find, code completion and many more areas.

6/16/2004 - #develop Fidalgo RC1
SharpDevelop Fidalgo (1.0) has now entered Release Candidate status with this RC1 release. As with Beta 1, no features have been added, only two existing ones have been improved to be more useful: you now can convert entire projects from VB.NET to C# (and vice versa), as well as import ASP.NET projects from VS.NET. Other than that, we have worked on two major areas (and will continue to work on): Bug fixes and performance improvements (for details please see the Subversion change log).

5/5/2004 - #develop Fidalgo Beta 1
SharpDevelop Fidalgo (1.0) is now feature complete, and we have entered bugfix-only mode. The following features have been added or vastly improved for Beta 1:

  • Ctrl+Space completion
  • Folding
  • NUnit integration
  • Assembly Analyzer (think "FxCop clone on steroids")
  • C++.NET backend
  • ILAsm backend binding
  • WiX backend binding
  • Mini Class Browser panel
  • VB.NET to C# converter
  • Alt+Ins code generator revamped
  • Improvements to File Templates
  • Improvements to VS.NET exporter/importer
  • Printing

This list also means that the debugger did not make it for the 1.0 release cycle – if you want to help, please see the "Help Wanted" section in the Start Pad of #develop.

3/3/2004 - #develop .99b – Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
This is a stopgap release in between milestones. We have improved VB.NET code completion, fixed a lot of forms designer bugs, made the VS.NET solution import/export more robust and replaced the original C# compiler options dialog with a property grid for easier future extension.

There is one major change in this release though: the main IDE is now no longer using the Magic Library, we have switched to Weifen Luo's DockManager Control. Please report any problems that you experience with the docking of the pads and views inside the IDE.

2/20/2004 - Beta .99, VB.NET Forms Designer and Code Completion
The big news for this release is the forms designer and code completion for VB.NET. As you can tell from the time delta between the last version and this release it took us longer than initially expected. To no small part these features were made possible by the relentless work of Markus Palme on the VB.NET parser. Note that there are still some code completion scenarios that might not work – help us improve code completion by sending samples that do not work.

Another new feature is the Database scout, maintained by Denis Erchoff. It is going to be our integration point for all database-related tools; currently we support "only" viewing of tables, views and stored procedures, as well as retrieving data from those. Note that connection information is not persisted across #develop sessions (at this time of development).

Aside from these fairly major additions, we have continued to improve code completion for C#, the text editor, tool panels and so on.

10/23/2003 - Beta .98, Text Editor Rewrite
This release has seen a complete rewrite of the text editor (it is now much faster), which also should be now much easier reuseable as a control in other applications. Also new by (very) popular request is the Tools / Options / Text Editor - Highlighting panel. It allows you to modify the syntax highlighting that is used inside #develop. Give it a try! Improvements you also should check out are the configuration of the external tools as well as the work that went into the Assembly Scout. Work on the parser for VB.NET is also progressing, we are confident that initial versions of code completion and forms designers for VB.NET will tip up soon. Known issues: Code completion database generation still takes very long, so please be patient. Folding was postponed in favor of the editor rewrite.

09/12/2003 - Beta .97, Stop Gap Release
This release focuses on the elimination of a number of critical bugs – mostly related to issues concerning the compatibility between Magic Library and .NET 1.1. This means that some things had to be temporarily disabled and that others have significantly improved. A number of 'favorite gripes' have also been adressed. Overall, stability and performance have improved – and a number of add-in tools has been added. Known issues: code completion database generation can take very long, so please be patient or stick with the "Fast" generation option.

08/23/2003 - Beta .96, Forms Designer Improvements
In this release, we have focused on improving the forms designer: a more stable roundtripping has been implemented, the forms designer now sports a functioning menu designer, components can be selected in a new dropdown in the property grid, resetting properties of controls to default values via a context menu has been added, the toolbox is configurable with custom controls, user controls can be reloaded automatically - additionally, many more smaller changes and bug fixes have been incorporated. A very cool new feature is the C# to VB.NET converter based on our new Coco/R-generated parser was added (see Tools / Convert Buffer C# to VB.NET), and aside from this major parser infrastructure change, other parts of the SharpDevelop infrastructure have been designed for more flexible use in different scenarios.

04/30/2003 - Beta .95, Runnable on .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1
For this release, we have focused on making #develop work on both .NET 1.0 and 1.1. Please note that the install application for this and upcoming releases will be .NET 1.1 only - if you want to run #develop on .NET 1.0, you have to download the source code and compile yourself. No major new features except for the exception dialog box (we hope you don't see it too often), our current focus is on making #develop portable to other CLR's and platforms.

02/03/2003 - Beta .94b, Bugfix Release
This interim release fixes issues that were reported in our Bug Reporting forum (see the change log). News from our book: In addition to the two chapters Chapter 2: Designing the Architecture and Chapter 16: Implementing a Windows Forms Designer, which are part of the book, now a third one is online, which is an online exclusive: Chapter 18: Language Bindings You learn how to integrate other programming languages into the SharpDevelop IDE.

01/30/2003 - Beta .94 released
The year 2003 starts with a feature-loaded new version of SharpDevelop, the open-source IDE for .NET. For starters, the forms designer has been reworked and now supports events and custom controls. New kids on the block are the Ctrl+W (Code AutoInsert) and Ctrl+Q (XML Quick Doc) features (in general, we recommend that you take the Feature Tour!). There are also news on the help front: we are proud to announce to be able to integrate the .NET Framework SDK help and DirectX 9 (if installed) help into the Help Scout. In an attempt to kick-start Mono porting, the SharpDevelop core has been split out into a separate assembly. More details, as always, in the change log.

In other news, the SharpDevelop team brings you the book Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop. This books helps you and us: you learn about SharpDevelop - we get financial support for our project. We would like to thank Wrox Press for allowing us to publish a few chapter online in PDF format, you can find those on the aforementioned page.

12/19/2002 - Beta .93 released
This release has seen many smaller improvements, such as fixes to the forms designer, text area, etc. Areas that were reworked heavily are the RegEx toolkit and the Object Browser (Assembly Scout). Both can be found in the Tools menu, and we encourage you to check them out! Special thanks fly out to our translators, and we are proud to now be able to support #develop in Chinese Traditional and Simplified. Also in the news: we are working on a VB.NET parser, which means there will be code completion for VB.NET in the future.

10/25/2002 - Beta .92 available
The focus of this release was to improve various areas of #develop, as you can see detailed in the change log. One major change is that the #cvs project has been discontinued - it was originally intended to be our administration client for CVS, but because we switched to Subversion internally, we are not going to continue working on #cvs (if someone is interested to take over the project, please contact us).

9/22/2002 - Beta .91 released
We have focused on three areas in this release: new/improved Search & Replace functionality, better code completion, more features in the Forms Designer. The standard Search & Replace was refactored, wildcard search and find in files was added. With regards to code completion, we improved the type resolver. And the Forms Designer is showing a lot of progress too: the Format menu sports alignment, sizing, spacing and ordering operations. Cut, Copy and Paste do work for controls as well as context menu for the same. Finally, you can see the first iteration of roundtripping from source code to form design. Details about the changes can be found in the change log.

9/5/2002 - Beta .90 released
Upon popular request and personal motivation, we shortened the release cycle to bring you full production-grade code completion even faster. Aside from this major improvement, we made the Forms Designer more functional: it now auto-generates C# and VB.NET code, supports invisible controls and is generally more stable and feature complete. Our support for far-east languages has increased with IME, and COM integration with a COM references panel. Details about the changes can be found (as always) in the change log.

8/18/2002 - Beta .89 released
This release completes a major restructuring of the infrastructure and source code tree. Projects support backend bindings that are not targeting compilers, the object browser has much more functionality than before, folding was re-integrated and a new XML formatting strategy added (for details, see the change log). Our feature preview this time: a Windows Forms Designer. Take a look at the tech note and source code - if you have time to spare, help us make it a great open source implementation of a forms designer!

5/29/2002 - Beta .88b released
This is the bug-fix release for #develop milestone .88. The most important improvement is that the 2178 lines per file limit is removed. Working again is the Tool Scout, compiling projects that reference GAC assemblies, using the Object Browser with GAC assemblies as well as many smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

4/24/2002 - Beta .88a released
Major new version of #develop. Code completion and class scout are back, regular expression search is supported, multi-platform file support, new dialogs, improved syntax highlighting and more.

2/20/2002 - Beta .87c released
Another bug-fix release, which sports one big new feature: a setup program. Please continue to help us find bugs in all areas of SharpDevelop!

2/3/2002 - Beta .87b released
This is the planned re-release of .87a. It contains many fixes for bugs that we had shipped in .87a. Most prominent on the list of features that work again: NUnit for unit testing, as well as NDoc for documentation generation. Many smaller issues were fixed too.

1/22/2002 - Beta .87a for .NET 1.0 released
We have released SharpDevelop for .NET 1.0 - please note that some features are not included in this build. See the Announcement forum for more details.

12/14/2001 - Milestone .85 Released!
Finally a new version - our last release that is based on Beta 2 of .NET. You won't see many changes to the UI, most of the work went into infrastructure such as a great foundation for CVS (source code control) support. You can check out the features of the new version, however, be also sure to check out our new online code reader.

If you like to see SharpDevelop's features in action, then take our Feature Tour.

9/28/2001 - Milestone .80 Released!
We have hit another milestone. SharpDevelop now has a much more friendly user interface, as most prominently featured in the project and IDE option dialog boxes. We have also added productivity features such as the Toolbar. These were just some features of the new version, however, be also sure to check out our online change log of SharpDevelop.

8/3/2001 - Beta 0.75 Released!
We have released an interim Beta on our way to the next milestone. The .75 Release comes with many bug fixes, but also with a bunch of preview features: code completion, CVS support, unit testing and more!

6/20/2001 - Beta 0.7 Released
The new release is targeted at Microsoft's .NET SDK Beta 2 release. It supports multiple programming languages out of the box (C# and VB.NET), as well as multiple languages via resources - English, German, Italian and Portuguese. We also implemented menus like the ones found in VS.NET - and as SharpDevelop comes with source code, you can use our code to add this kind of cool touch to your applications too!

2/7/2001 - Milestone 1 Released
We are proud to announce that we finally have a new version of SharpDevelop for download - SharpDevelop .60beta Milestone 1. First and foremost, it is now much more stable, and it has tons of changes. Windows 95/98/ME users: we are aware that SharpDevelop has issues on these platforms, please use Windows 2000 for testing instead.

12/15/2000 - Beta .52 Release .52 is basically a port from .NET SDK PDC Release to the Beta 1 bits. Just a few changes have been made, as well as a slew of bugs have been fixed.


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